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Denominator Neglect: A Poem

Unlikely things are likely to happen
when happening happens a lot.

Planets like Earth are certainly rare,
but trillions of planets are sitting out there.

In a large sea of trials, the rare’s almost sure—
in billions of bacteria, mutations occur.

But we shouldn’t live as if we’re the exception;
thinking that way can lead to deception.

Our minds are drawn to the numerator.
News coverage here is so much greater.

The lottery winners might be reported,
but not all the losers. It gives a distorted

view of the odds of our chances to win.
Two winners this year—but what’s the two in?

The numerator is exciting, indeed,
but what lies beneath, we must also heed.

When thinking about the best course of action,
don’t forget to check the bottom of the fraction.