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The Socratic Method: Teaching Children through Guided Inquiry

by Stephanie Simoes
By asking a series of questions, you can guide students to knowledge they didn’t know they already had.

Revealing Our Limitations: The Power of “I Don't Know” in Education

by Stephanie Simoes
As adults, we must not be embarrassed to say "I don't know" to children. Used correctly, this phrase can be a powerful educational tool, for several reasons.

Learning through Teaching

by Stephanie Simoes
Teaching equips students with essential life skills that extend far beyond the classroom.

How I Teach my Six-Year-Old about the Algorithm

by Jessica Silberman
You can encourage smart and thoughtful technology use in young children by adding in a few questions as you go about your normal day.

How to Type the Connective Symbols of Symbolic Logic

by Stephanie Simoes
A guide on how to type the connective symbols for symbolic logic, also called formal logic or sentential logic, on Mac and Windows.