How to Support Critikid

There are various ways you can support Critikid to help us to continue making content.

Spread the word

I don't have much of an advertising budget, so I rely on people spreading the word. If you have friends or family members with children, please tell them about Critikid's courses. I also run Instagram and Facebook pages with content for people of all ages such as logic puzzles and videos about fallacies and biases. Please follow and share the posts that you find interesting!

Purchase a course

If you have a child or teen in your life, you can support us by buying a course. For now, we have one course available: Fallacy Detectors Part 1 for kids 8-12. A new course, Symbolic Logic for Teens, is coming very soon!


You can support the creation of new content by donating through Ko-Fi. For now, all this money raised will go towards the creation of Fallacy Detectors Part 2.